Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reflections at LeCount Hollow Beach, at Twilight

How peaceful LeCount Hollow Beach at the end of a hot summer day! On the other side of Cape Cod, the sun is setting over the bay and soft pearly light slowly spreads down from Race Point, at the tip of the peninsula, across the eastern horizon, tinting the sky pink and the water lavender. Sven takes my photo, a bit blurry, but who cares? Gentle waves lap at the shore since Bill has not churned up the coast yet. The warm beige sand retains some of the heat from the day, a contrast to the cool water, 68 degrees according to the weatherman. The breeze caresses my skin. We see a covey of sandpipers, on a swale left by the outgoing tide. They stand their ground, reluctant to leave, then flutter away, one after the other, as we pass. Further along, a lone seagull stands guard beside a fallen companion and does not budge at the sight of humans. Suddenly a seal pops its head out of the water and, to my surprise, allows me take its picture before diving backwards into a wave, only to reappear a dozen yards away, so close we can see its whiskers wiggle. Apparently, the seal wants to play. I heave an silent sigh of relief that Sven forgot his bathing suit. Otherwise, this seal would be swimming along beside my husband. We walk down to Marconi and turn around. I've just finished reading a novel about suppression of the Kurds in Iran during the twentieth century. Thoughts of violence feel incongruous on this peaceful beach. Perhaps world leaders should be required to walk here, before making decisions that affect other people's lives. Back at access to the parking lot, we find several dozen tourists and summer folk. During the day, they clustered around the lifeguard, on the public beach, and this is where they are still, throwing Frisbees or lounging in beach chairs and on blankets. I'm glad we did not come during the heat of the day. How much more special is twilight, with bonfires flickering and children playing on the lifeguard's chair!