Sunday, September 06, 2009

Shark Sightings & Car-less on Cape Cod

These folks, at LeCount Hollow, are watching seals frolic in the water. Apparently there are lots of seals around this year, and the seals have drawn sharks, according to CNN. The sharks were sighted off Chatham on Friday, and, yesterday, at Nauset in Orleans. (Cape Cod Times). Seems like they are heading north. Wellfleet may be next. Since it was high tide at noon, I suggested our weekend guests, from Switzerland, swim at Mayo Beach instead of the ocean. They came out from Boston by ferry and flex bus. The young couple walked down Long Pond to Commercial, past Duck Creek, where they paused for lunch at The Juice. Lots of cars in the parking lot there. This summer we had guests from Scotland, a whole family, here for five days, who were also car-less on Cape Cod. They had a great time, so it certainly can be done! Why is it our American guests never think to leave their cars behind?