Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cape Cool Holds Wake-Up Call Event

Since I was not yet home at noon yesterday, I could not attend the Cape Cool Wake-Up Call, organized in front of Wellfleet Town Hall, but I did receive a report from Harriet Jerusha Korim, which I would like to share: “It was very much fun! The opportunity to call President Obama, Hillary Clinton, your senator et al, and have an impact continues. The basic demand is to send a serious delegation (preferably including Obama and/or Hillary, as well as key congressional leaders who care) to Copenhagen to negotiate a fair, ambitious, binding treaty.... the acronym being FAB. Others suggest we demand a return to 350 parts per million of atmospheric carbon. It was a very auspicious gathering, especially since my friends from Provincetown decided to conserve energy and stay there, so when I arrived at Town Hall I had zero expectations, but even the town manager made a call. A small but mighty band assembled, and we're planning for October 24 and beyond. (For more info, go here.) The weather, of course, was inspiring and, in a way, the whole point – we want our children's grandchildren to be able to enjoy gorgeous September days like this!”