Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CLASH and Swimmers at LeCount Hollow

We have availability this weekend – Thursday, Friday, Saturday – due to a cancellation, the dune/parking lot at Cahoon Hollow (above) is again repaired, and Cape Cod will celebrate its second annual Cape Land & Sea Harvest, so come on down! Tamar Haspel, one of my favorite Cape bloggers, had this to say about the event:

“If you eat, there’s something for you at CLASH. We met people who grow food, and people who can help us grow it. There was the beer guy, the oyster farmer, and our personal favorite, the chicken lady, who inspired us to get our first batch of chicks. But it’s not all talk – our meal at the Naked Oyster showed just how well you can eat on what the Cape has to offer. Which is the point, after all.”

The weather will be fine for tours of farms, bogs, breweries, etc., and ideal for a quick trip to the beach, as well. Yesterday Sven and I walked down to Marconi and saw two different types of swimmers in the ocean, which was an amazing shade of early-fall blue …."