Monday, January 19, 2009

The Importance of Dreams

The Obama family’s move into the White House this week got me to thinking about the meaning of home. How long will it take the Obamas to feel at home in Washington, I wonder? Yesterday, for the first time in a dozen years, Sven and I really felt like we were coming home when we arrived in Wellfleet after a weekend away. For Sven, this feeling was quite revolutionary. I do not think he ever felt “home” while we lived in France. Sweden had remained in his heart and mind. Now, his heart seems to have moved to Wellfleet. Down at the harbor, in late afternoon today, we were again reminded of the incredible beauty Wellfleet possesses. While beauty helps, home is really where you feel the most comfortable and happy. And, we certainly feel comfortable here. The new kitchen and green room, a dream for so long, give immense pleasure. It is important for the soul that one has dreams and sees them realized. All across America a dream will come true tomorrow and the energy unites us in an amazing way. It is a feeling of great possibility, unlike anything I have ever experienced in my lifetime, surpassing even John Kennedy's Camelot. Let us hope the new First Family of America feels at home in the White House and realizes their dreams there.