Monday, January 26, 2009

CEDC Holds Third Meeting

The Wellfleet Citizens’ Economic Development Commission held its third meeting this afternoon. We began with a presentation by Marla Rice and Nicholas Gulde of Preservation Hall who described past activities and hopes for future events. Above, is a photo of their first Deck the Halls crafts sale, which was attended by 200 people in December, 2007. The new non-profit plans to rent out space for weddings. Preservation Hall will, hopefully, become a popular wedding venue in the years to come. The renovated building will even boast a cultural box office, information that was sweet music to the years of Commission members since we had already identified the need for a centrally located information booth... Our second guest was Lyle Butts of Bay Sails Marine. Lyle told us about the invention of the pumpout boat, “one of the most successful ways to remove sewage that has come along.” Before the existence of pumpout boats, sewage was dumped in the bay or ocean. Alcar Environmental pumpout boats now function in every state on the east coast, as well as in Seattle. Lyle suggested uniting some of these boats for a competition. The owners of pleasure boats, like the one to the right, are happy. Harbors are happy, too, and cleaner, 'natch, thanks to this great invention, made right here in Wellfleet. Lyle’s speech made members toss around the idea of a Green Harbor weekend, or a celebration of Earth Day. Finally, Ned Hitchcock and Chair Paul Pilcher reported on a meeting with Bob Prescott and Melissa Lowe at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. A worthwhile way to spend an afternoon!