Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One Pond, One Walk, One Hour

Another day, another walk. The colors are supreme. The benefit of storing images in one's mind occurs to me, as we ride the ridge at the eastern edge of Long Pond. A tourist could walk past here in the summer, admire the pond, and pull out an image of its beauty during the long dark winter. Many probably do...

Here is what Sven was thinking as we walked along: “This is our first spring walk. The ice is melting. You can feel spring is in the air.”

We walked over one hour. I do not know whether spring is really around the corner, but I did see a chipmunk yesterday, near the bird feeder. Not only did we walk today. This morning we drove. And I took a photo for all Cahoon Hollow Beach readers out there. Look what has just replaced the dune shacks across the road from the Beachcomber!

Note: Photos taken with Canon Power Shot A 510; Top photo taken at Great Pond, not Long Pond, so theoretically we visited two ponds today, but walked around one!