Friday, February 23, 2007

A February Day in the Life

I didn’t do much today for the bed & breakfast because it’s February and I have been busy on another project, revising a manuscript. I did go to Stop & Shop, pleased at the success of my effort to reduce our carbon footprint, since it was the only trip of the week. I prepared the cottage for our weekend guests. Made the beds, cleaned, answered reservation requests by email. What I didn’t do is take a walk or review our sheet selection to winnow out those with stains or tears. Sheet inventory is quite important to an innkeeper. I do not like to give guests sheets, which are not impeccable. Since sheets wear out – even organic sheets – that means updating the inventory every year. It is almost eight o’clock and our guests still have not arrived. They had planned to be here at 5, but they are doctors, with shifting schedules. Sven made a fire, but the delay means no one is there to enjoy it. We talked the situation over and decided to implement a new policy for Seagull Cottage. Since everyone has a cell phone these days, in the future, I will request that guests call when they cross the bridge to Cape Cod if they want us to light the fire. That way, we will know when to strike the match. Here is a view of the interior of Seagull Cottage. Doesn’t it look cozy?