Sunday, February 11, 2007

Best Kept Secret ...

The Best Kept Secret around town is how breathtaking Wellfleet can be in winter. Crisp air, bright colors. Here is the first view we had of the ocean. Wow! Our Seagull Cottage guests set off for civilization this morning, pronouncing themselves utterly delighted with their romantic getaway, a break from their usual harried life: “We saw chunks of ice on the bay. It was so beautiful at Duck Harbor!” It was beautiful at the ocean and the ponds, too. Several dozen people were skating on Long Pond. We saw a hockey game, a barbecue, even a little girl pushing a doll carriage over the ice.

“The sea is extraordinarily beautiful!” Sven exclaims as we pass the spot on Oceanview Drive where the Atlantic fills up the horizon like a cup. The frigid weather had made walks impossible recently. Now as we hurry down the dune, the brilliance of the light and the invigorating air greet the senses in a rush. Other Wellfleetians are out to enjoy the beach, too. We greet these strangers, also happy to be alive today. Gentle waves lap at the shore. There are patches of snow and ice. Wellfleet is amazing in winter. It is hard to imagine living anywhere else.