Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mayo Beach Sited In Top 10 Family-Friendly Beaches in the USA!

The online travel service Trip Advisor has selected Mayo Beach as one of the top ten Family-Friendly Beaches in the USA. Mayo Beach, across from the Bookstore Restaurant, and close by both Mac's Seafood and the original Wellfleet Harbor Actors' Theatre, is indeed a great place to take toddlers. I do not recommend it, however, because of the muck underfoot. Also, older kids, quickly get bored, if my experience is any indication. When I would suggest Mayo, my children would clamor for the Atlantic. So, under five, maybe. Over five, no. At low tide, it is possible to glimpse shellfishermen out on the flats, as in the above photo. Should you be coming to Wellfleet this March, Mayo Beach is a fabulous place to view sunsets in winter. Sven is always urging me to go down and check out the spectacle. Just take a look: