Friday, February 09, 2007

New Wallpaper!

Finding period wallpaper for a house built in the 18th century was more difficult that we expected. I looked online to no avail. Then Sven and I made three trips to the wallpaper shop in Orleans. We borrowed several wallpaper books before making our choice. We finally settled on an old-fashioned pattern from the Salt Box book by Greeff, the only selection, which seemed appropriate to our old house: Providence Resist, in Cranberry.

Before application of the wallpaper, our carpenter friend, Rick Buckley, boxed in the beams. There had been powder-post beetle damage, which we fixed five or six years ago with salvaged beams from the Cataumet Sawmill. Sven oiled the beams, now that the room is empty. Then he repainted the woodwork and wainscoting. Finally, Audrey Danforth, who did such a great job five years ago with the smaller bedroom of our Liberty Coin Suite, did paperhanging, an art, at which she excels. Sven and I are very pleased with the result and cannot wait to show off the room to returning guests.
In 2007, the room will function as a bedroom, with a queen-sized bed. Next year it will become a proper salon. (Renovation of the north side of the building is slated to begin next November.)