Monday, April 19, 2010

Finding Beauty in All the Right Places

In Wellfleet, the outing options for Nature-lovers are so numerous that I had to share five photos to illustrate this post. Rain in Boston does not always mean rain on the Outer Cape! Yesterday Sven and I drove up Long Pond Road to the Atlantic Ocean, on the way to buy bread. We passed Long Pond and, gazing out over the surface of the water through the pine trees, I gave it a mental 3, blue but not shimmering. The horizon from Ocean View Drive merited a 5. We continued on down to LeCount Hollow where a wistful surfer paused at the edge of the dune to contemplate the surf. Was he reluctant to leave, or wishing for the type of waves Hawaii provides? No idea. The ocean was greener than usual, and a curious cloud formation hovered in the distance. My mind gave the Atlantic a quick 4.5. After picking up the bread, we proceeded up Route 6 and turned onto Main, then Commercial to access the marina. There were half a dozen cars parked near the pier, due to the holiday. Everyone seemed to be out taking photos, myself included. A brisk breeze was blowing. One look told me Wellfleet Harbor had flung off its London Fog slicker and donned the sparkly petticoat I had mentioned two days ago. Considering the forecast and the season, I gave this view a 7.5. We drove less than 10 miles and saw so much beauty. On the Outer Cape, Nature’s bag of tricks is always full despite the weather. How easy it is to get jaded here!