Friday, April 30, 2010

Film Crew Shoots Dinner at Finely JPs

I have been longing to dine at a certain local restaurant for quite a while. Every time I drove past, on the way to Orleans, there would be a sign out about dining specials or a DJ dance party. Then yesterday I received an email from the Chamber of Commerce, announcing the Boston television show Chronicle would film at Finely JPs. Here was the excuse I had been waiting for! A family connection in Boston had secured this plum promotion. Sven and I chatted briefly with chef/owner John Pontius and congratulated him before taking our seats.

The film crew was still out on the flats, documenting the Wellfleet oyster, so we settled in and ordered dinner. New paintings by local artist Paul Suggs decorated the earthen-colored walls. I watched a waitress tuck some blue wildflowers into a vase. We were seated on the second floor of the multi-level restaurant, in order to have a better view of the proceedings, once there were any proceedings to record. Sven talked to me about my trip to Boston tomorrow. He was oblivious to the fact that a film crew was about to arrive. But the excitement in the room was palpable.

There were so many delicious-sounding options on the menu that we went simply for the Prix Fixe, since it was such a great deal: three-courses for $19. Sven ordered sole with lemon sauce and his favorite, garlic potatoes. My eye was attracted to the cappellini with shrimp, garlic, and tomato sauce. Both dishes were excellent. I reminded Sven that this restaurant, open year-round, had been one of my parents’ favorites. It was renovated in 2006, providing much more light and space. I closed my eyes and imagined disco lights flashing during the Friday night dance parties.

When the film crew arrived at 6, a voice rose from the floor below us: “Just act normal!” I was able to capture the cameraman from above. The filming itself did not take long – 10 to 15 minutes at most. Jean and Gordon Avery of Fort Hill Bed & Breakfast were sitting nearby. Jean reminded me that the cameraman might not be keen on having photos taken, but I clicked away nonetheless. The segment on Wellfleet will be aired May 17. If you watch the show and see a flash, that’s yours truly in the background!