Monday, April 12, 2010

Erosion Closes Beach at Cahoon Hollow

When are words superfluous? When photos say it all! Another caption would be: Sandbar and Channel Appear at Two Wellfleet Beaches. Since people can't resist a no-access sign, Sven and I were not alone in gawking at the sheer drop, beyond the edge of the Beachcomber parking lot. Way down on the beach, a channel stretched from one horizon to the other. It was a dreamy sort of day, a day everyone hopes for over summer vacation. Warm breeze, deep azure sky. We proceeded on to LeCount where a second channel had formed. If a channel forms in summer, the water collected warms up to the delight of children who splash and play in what is commonly referred to as a "tidal pool." What we saw was no tidal pool. It went almost all the way to our turn-around spot, below the lookout platform at Marconi. To cross this channel, it was necessary to remove shoes, and so we did. The fifth photo shows the top edge of the sandbar as it descended towards to ocean. Finally, in the last photo, a family enjoys building a sandcastle. As we were leaving, I couldn't help but think, what a shame so few tourists visit the Outer Cape in April!