Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Water & Rep. Peake Speaks Out on YouTube

Water was on my mind yesterday as news broke of a six-million-dollar federal grant to Wellfleet, which will lower the cost of the downtown district’s water mains for homeowners by 75%. (Unfortunately, the new water system does not reach Chez Sven.) And, fittingly, yesterday the water storage tower began to assume its rounded shape.

Wine, not water, was the beverage of choice at the Chamber of Commerce After-Hours, hosted by Seamen’s Bank yesterday evening, but chocolate milk was also served in honor of Duck Creek Inn’s Robert “Moo” Merrill. This traditional mid-winter party offers the chance to relax and chat about the upcoming season with other members of the business community. Here Sven exchanges stories with “the two Todds,” LeBart of the Beachcomber and Berry of Moby Dick’s.

Upon return home, I found a video from Sarah Peake in my in-box. I’m delighted that Rep. Peake is speaking out on the issue, which is definitely a great first step, but a plan for selective treatment of vegetation under the power lines cannot be the final solution since traces of the herbicides, ie. toxic chemicals, will end up in the aquifer. Still, Rep. Peake shows us here that she hears her constituents' concerns and is ready to take a stand. What do you think of the message in this video and her use of YouTube as a means of communication?