Sunday, January 17, 2010

BPA Update: The Body Burden Battle Wages On

How many of the kitchen cupboards in Wellfleet houses and condos around the harbor contain canned goods lined with BPA? It's shocking to me that there is no warning on labels. I worry every time I open a can of soup. I love Amy's Organic but want to see No BPA written on the label, along with No GMOs. Read about the possible link between BPA and breast cancer here. The FDA is moving forward slowly on BPA control. For details, read this article in Friday’s New York Times. Follow-up made yesterday's front page, which Sven pointed out to me when I returned from Boston. The headline: “US Concerned about the Risks from a Plastic.” Most people have heard about BPA in baby bottles. Actually, BPA is also used to seal the lining of tin cans. And, BPA is found in the carbonless copy paper used for many supermarket receipts. What I want you to know is the American Chemical Council actually issued a statement Friday that BPA was safe. The Council praised the health agencies for confirming there was no proof of harm to people: “We are disappointed that some of the recommendations are likely to worry consumers and are not well founded.” (You can read a ACC press release here.) Consumers, get worried! This battle to stop body pollution will not be won easily. It reminds me of our effort to stop the tobacco industry. By "our" I mean concerned citizens and there seem to be more and more reason for concern. Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow requests that you take a stand on BPA by leaving a comment on the Boston Globe’s Green Blog.

When I was posting this blog, I was surprised to see an ad by Google pop up on my computer: Facts About BPA read the headline. So, it is also necessary to write the team heading Google, the same people who have brought in goats to cut their lawn, and ask that their company create a policy to stop accepting ads of this sort .... I'm on it. What have you done for the environment today?