Monday, January 25, 2010

“Does Bruce Springsteen Have a House in Wellfleet?”

Yesterday the Stat Counter revealed someone had Googled this question and located my blog. As far as I know the answer is no. I got to meet Bruce during my music career, and it was surely one of the biggest thrills in my life. But, Bruce in Wellfleet? I don’t think so. If he owned a house here, we would all have heard of it by now. You might stand a better chance of running into him at the WHAT party in New York, March 8th, a celebration of the upcoming season, with Wellfleet oysters and other goodies. (Get your tickets here.) That being said, I think Bruce SHOULD buy a house in Wellfleet. Look at how beautiful the beach is, much more empty of people than the Jersey shore. Many celebrities find peace and quiet on the Outer Cape. It's easy to stake out a retreat deep in the National Seashore, if one has the money. L. Dow Baker's old homestead is for sale. Who wouldn't want seven acres of privacy, with some great history thrown in for good measure? How different daily life was back in the 1700s when this house was built.

Today Wicked Local is launching a “Day in the Life” special project, in coordination with WCVB-TV’s Chronicle, to document January 25, 2010 across New England. They request that you email one photo at a time to oneday AT and put DAY in the subject field. Include caption information about your photo’s time, place and subject, along with your name and town. This sounds like a fun activity, but New England is vast, and the project would have been more interesting if it had concentrated on one area, like Cape Cod, don’t you think?

Also, I cannot help but notice the name of the series. Those of you who follow this blog know I have been doing a monthly post since 2006 called Day in the Life, a coincidence, no doubt. When I worked with a French musician, writing lyrics, he taught me similar bright ideas occur to different people at the same time, in different parts of the world, and that what’s important is to be the first to use the idea, say the name of a popular song.

Too bad for Chronicle that chance offers a day with bad weather. Rain is in the forecast. Yesterday would have been better. Sven and I were able to visit Newcomb Hollow Beach, at extreme low tide. We searched for the shipwreck, but it was not visible. We saw erosion, and folks out with dogs, including Mark Berry. Here's his vivacious pooch Hank. Mark said he walks on a regular basis, that it’s three miles, back and forth, to Cahoon, and four miles to White Crest. On the way home I spotted a small pond, between the dune and Ocean View Drive, invisible from the road in summer, but shining through the barren branches like a pot of gold, and made a mental note to return …