Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Arrives in Wellfleet Ahead of Schedule

Wellfleet awoke to a winter wonderland. The branches are loaded down with at least an inch of snow. Flurries still fall and a second snowstorm is expected tomorrow. The snowplow has not yet descended Old King’s Highway, one of the last town roads to be plowed. We are grateful to be snug and warm inside today. With such low temperatures, the ponds may freeze early. Long Pond does not usually freeze until late January. Some years the ponds do not freeze at all. We have one returning guest who has asked me to let her know as soon as the ponds freeze so she can head out with ice skates. Below is a photo of social life on the ice, barbecue and all, taken several years ago at Long Pond. With this early winter, skeptics will soon be chattering on again that climate change is not happenning. Make no mistake. Global warming is a force we need to take very seriously. A CNN article about melting ice caught my eye this cold, cold morning. Once the ocean rises, Chez Sven might have beachfront property. But, then again, we may also be totally underwater ….