Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why Would You Visit Wellfleet in Winter?

Yesterday Sven and I watched the sunset over Wellfleet Harbor, (above and below). Today we walked briskly to Great Pond as the sun was going down. Unfortunately I had left my camera at home and cannot share the beauty of the soft pink light as it spread across the surface of the water, nor the bright orange rim at the Dyer Pond tree line, visible on our way back. As we were returning home, I realized people who love Wellfleet would have enjoyed the experience today as much as we had. Yet, folks do not think to journey out to Cape Cod in the winter. Since I will be attending a meeting tomorrow on ways to develop more sensible economic policies for the town, it occurred to me that perhaps blog readers would be willing to comment on what would make you want to visit Wellfleet in winter? (Anyone who cannot post comments to Blogger, please feel free to email me at chezsven AT