Monday, December 29, 2008

Pleasant Memories of Wellfleet, 2008

Often, at the end of December, we like to think back over pleasant memories from the past year, and more specifically the last six months, the seasons of summer and fall. April saw the completion of our renovation project. The northern wing now boasts the most beautiful bathroom for miles around and a very green bedroom with vintage beams of yellow pine. In town, Uncle Tim’s Bridge was reconstructed. Here is a view of the original, creaky and weatherworn. At the ocean, an amazing shipwreck turned up at Newcomb Hollow, drawing tourists from all over New England. I especially enjoyed my trip to the Atwood Higgins House in the National Seashore and can now recommend the experience. We were graced with lovely guests in 2008 and feel grateful they chose Chez Sven. One recommended a local masseuse. Sven and I checked her out and made a new friend. We made a second friend when we received fellow elderblogger, Ronni Bennett, and enjoyed sharing the beauty of Wellfleet with her. One couple invited us to visit them in York. Another left us some great wine to express their appreciation for Seagull Cottage. A third showed me how to make lavender wands. All enjoyed my new organic scones. We were busy through Thanksgiving, when the economic crisis put an abrupt halt to reservations and even produced some cancellations for 2009. Now, as we close the book on 2008, let’s remember how delicious Wellfleet is, sparkling in the summer sun. I love the photo below because these carefree folks walk with such abandon, possible only on vacation. Where are they going? Down Newcomb Hollow Beach to visit the shipwreck!