Tuesday, December 16, 2008

WCEC Holds First Meeting

Wellfleet is a playground for thousands of tourists in July and August. How can we encourage people to come to our little town in the other months as well? Yesterday I attended the first meeting of the Wellfleet Citizens Economic Commission, tasked by the Selectmen to come up with recommendations for economic development and report back in six to eight months. Assistant Town Manager Rex Peterson was present for reference and advice. Committee members rapidly chose Paul Pilcher as their chair. Paul already has experience with the Local Comprehensive Planning Committee and a firm grasp of the subject matter. He did a great job of moderating our discussion. Members first decided to address the period after Labor Day and through June 15th. Later, we focused in on the months of April, May, June, September, October, November, December and identified four main questions to study: 1.) How to turn Wellfleet into a more popular off-peak destination? 2.) How can Wellfleet attract young entrepreneurs and green jobs? 3.) Which groups of visitors should be targeted in priority? 4.) What events similar to Oysterfest might be organized? Alex Hay of Mac's Seafood kept reminding the committee of what he sees as a desperate need for an improvement in infrastructure. Alex and his cousin Sam Bradford were the youngest members present. I shared an email from a blog reader in New Jersey. Our brainstorming session lasted almost two hours and, to me, seemed worthwhile. We will meet again in January.