Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wellfleet Restaurants Open Early in 2008

Guests came to Seagull Cottage again last evening, up from New York and eager for a rest. She's from Switzerland. He's from South Africa. Sven has already brought them round this morning to peek at the floor in the new wing. They are off to P-town, whale-watching. We cannot wait to be able to move the furniture in next week. With the early warmth, the garden is bursting into bloom, just like Wellfleet. More restaurants open every day. Yesterday night the parking lot at PJ's was full. Catch of the Day, further up Route 6, is taking orders. Moby Dick's starts serving dinner May 2, and Mac's Shack's season will begin May 8. Since Memorial Day is the fourth weekend of May, all the eating establishments in Wellfleet seem to be opening earlier this year. Check out the finished floor in the green room, above!