Monday, April 14, 2008

An April Day in the Life

Why is it that the sunshine in Wellfleet always seems brighter than anywhere else? We are having one of those sparkling days that make this town so popular. If I had the time, I would walk to Dyer Pond to catch the sunbeams dancing on the surface of the water. But, time is scarce, with doctors’ visits scheduled for both me and Sven all month. I went to Neighborhood Auto to fetch a new battery, then gardened a bit below the swollen Persian lilac buds. I had expected the floor sanders to come. The contractor just called to say they would probably be here tomorrow instead. The service trade folks are in high demand as Wellfleet revs up for yet another season. Yesterday night Sven and I removed everything from the two rooms, so at least all is set for the job. I have not finished painting, but there are lots of other things to do. It seems like an innkeeper’s work is never done. I will iron pillow cases, if I can find the ironing board and iron. The shells on the northern side of the house were spread partially on earth, so I am digging it up and evening the line, grateful to be outside, covered with bug spray, free to enjoy this beautiful day.