Monday, April 21, 2008

The Latest on Bees and Pollution

Our neighbor drove over with his Bobcat and dug up the roots in the vegetable garden yesterday. We have not been able to totally eliminate them, unfortunately, but at least we will be able to plant Sven's beloved potatoes. Earlier, I was sitting out in the garden, admiring the dark red shoots of the peonies, so different from the rest of the vegetation around Seagull Cottage. Then a bee buzzed by, reminding me of the fact that bees are disappearing. I wondered whether the busy bee in my garden came from Helen Wilson's hives, several miles away? No bees means no pollination, a disaster for our food supply. Today comes word of research in the United Kingdom pointing to pollution as one of the problems. Here is another example of how the modern world has a very negative impact on our natural environment. Read the article here.