Friday, February 08, 2008

Organic Breakfast in Wellfleet?

Chez Sven will soon be listed at both Ecobookers and the Organic Places to Stay Web site. We offer homemade organic granola and yogurt, Peace coffee, Rishi tea, and homemade breads, as well as fresh fruit salad. Sometimes it is a challenge finding organic fruit. With the season coming on and everyone talking recession, I thought it would be interesting to compare prices at local stores. Come July, it will no longer be simple to swing over to the Stop & Shop in Orleans. Breakfast staples will need to be purchased in the village. I did a little survey on a dozen products, which we regularly use here at Chez Sven, and the result was interesting. Organic eggs, I buy from a local farm, when available. Otherwise, the Organic Valley six-pack will do. It costs $2.29 at S&S and $3.39 at Wellfleet Marketplace (WM). Organic milk: a half-gallon of Woodstock Farms costs $3.99 at S&S and $4.99 at WM. Orange juice costs the same amount at both venues. Half & Half is $2.29 at S&S for Organic Valley, and $1.79 at WM for Garelick Farms. Organic yogurt: Stoneyfield Farm costs $3.99 at S&S and $4.29 at WM, but WM does offer Brown Cow for $3.79. S&S used to, but their natural foods section offered no large size yogurt containers at all today. I compared the same fresh semolina bread: $3.99 at S&S and $4.39 at WM. Organic coffee: S&S offers Newman’s for $7.99; WM sells the same amount of Equal Exchange for $8.99. Organic tea: S & S has the 20-bag box of organic green tea for $2.19 while WM sells Equal Exchange organic green tea for $4.99. Non-organic tea of the Stash brand sells for $2.99 at S&S and $4.19 at WM. Finally, organic granola: WM carries Arrowhead Mills for $4.39 while S&S offers Peace at $4.59, on sale today for $3.49. WM & S&S carry some organic produce, but Hatch's, on the town parking lot, offers a wider selection of organic fruit in season, as does the Phoenix veggie shop on Cove Road in Orleans. Any food-shopping tourists reading this blog will conclude that it makes sense to stop in Orleans on the way to Wellfleet!