Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Got Cabinets?

I have not posted news of the renovation project for a while, so here goes. Wallboard is in, cement board for tile also. Today the carpenters start the outdoor shower while Nate executes work required to install the custom cabinets in the future country kitchen. Why custom cabinets? Expert cabinet maker Jeff Pozgay studied the old woodwork in the house and created cabinets to match. The old cabinets in the Red Room were painted, so these new cabinets will be painted, too. Jeff and Johnny had to struggle a bit to get the larger piece into the house. Since the pantry walls are now up, Jeff found it was no longer possible to enter through the front door, as originally planned.
It is fortunate the kitchen has a back door because there was room to bring the structure in that way. So now, we have got cabinets and shortly I will be able to have a template made for the counter top. Next week the tile will go into the bathroom and powder room. Slowly, we are getting there and look forward to receiving guests in this wonderful new space as soon as early April.