Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Le Nouveau Guide est Arrive!

Renovation requires so many decisions. Which doors to reuse? What wallpaper to choose? Which shade of white for the wainscoting? How wide should the floorboards be in the new bedroom? Decisions, decisions, all day long! Today, while out for a break from decision-making, I went into the village and picked up a copy of the Wellfleet guide. It felt like going out in Paris to test the Beaujolais Nouveau as soon as it had arrived in shops and caf├ęs and the buzz was going around town. It's here! It's here! The new cru is in! How does it compare with last year’s vintage? Is the color right? How about the taste? Although we did not advertise ourselves, my verdict on the Chamber’s guide is top-notch product. I like the design, and the folks at Wellfleet Marketplace must be delighted.