Sunday, November 25, 2007

A November Day in the Life

Since the end of the month is fast approaching, it is really time to write this regular feature about the daily life of an innkeeper. One thing we will definitely do today is walk at one of Wellfleet’s spectacular beaches, but since we have been renovating for three weeks, this November Day will have to be different. Every moment is taken up by thoughts of renovation. With visions of farm sinks dancing through my head, I finally took Sven to see one last Wednesday. It will be delivered next week. Today I will order energy-efficient light fixtures as the electrician will soon return to rewire. The shed roof was removed from the old kitchen right before the Thanksgiving holiday began. Tomorrow the carpenters will frame the area above the future private bath. My plan is to make it a well-lit space, thanks to a skylight, facing south. There is no heat in the main house for the time being, so I am eager for the plumber’s visit as well. Once we have heat, we can move back in and again receive guests here in Seagull Cottage.