Friday, November 09, 2007

Demo Week at Chez Sven

On Day 5 of our renovation project, the floor is up in the former living room, once called "keeping room," soon to become country kitchen. The old dining room and kitchen have lost their windows and walls. When you stare up at where the ceiling used to be, you see white-washed boards that were installed as a roof for the kitchen addition in 1825. How exciting to think of all the history our house has experienced and the many people who have called this place home! During our last renovation project, Sven found a Liberty Coin under the floor. Who knows what we may find this time! We are lucky to have wonderful carpenters on the project, whose enthusiasm almost matches ours. As the sun sets over the cottage at the close of Week 1, we are very pleased with our decision to renovate the northern wing of our Cape Codder.