Monday, November 05, 2007

Big Day!

Hurricane Noel brought 90-mile-an-hour winds to Cape Cod. The trees were doing a whole lot of shaking and rain poured down, five inches in fact. The transformer on Gross Hill blew out two times at least. Here in Wellfleet, we had two full days without electricity. Luckily, we had guests on Firday night only. They wrote the nicest note: "The charm of this cottage knocked our socks off!" Now the power is back on in time for our renovation. It is a big day for this family for two reasons. The first is, of course, renovation. We ripped out the old kitchen, moved the couch into the dining room, which required taking down a wall, and started pulling up floorboards. Here is a photo that shows how wide they are. We will put the floorboards aside while the plumbing is being done, then return them to their places. It is exciting to uncover walls which have not been seen for two hundred years, at least. The second reason that this is a big day is for my grand-daughter Juliette, who is beginning day care out in Los Angeles today.