Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Memories of 2007

Today the sky is bright blue, the type of day that drew so many tourists to Wellfleet over the past year. We received folks from all around the USA, but also from Germany, France, Sweden, UK, and the Netherlands. As I look over the photos, I am reminded of unique moments Chez Sven enjoyed in 2007. Rose Ireland painted the main house one very foggy July day. I hope to use her painting as a Christmas card. It was a year for seals and whales.
Guests who went whale watching returned enchanted. We had a number of professional photographers visit and a few very jet-lagged guests from the West Coast. Five couples celebrated their honeymoon in Seagull Cottage. Its bathroom received a bath itself when a writer dropped a bottle of nail polish, which splattered all over the tub and she promptly removed. We had a few unwanted but cute guests, who have left now that we are renovating. Hopefully they will find lodging in someone else's old house or barn. And then there were the children. Most B&Bs in Wellfleet do not accept kids under 10. Here at Chez Sven I love to discover the world through the eyes of the very young so always welcome children open-armed. All in all, it was a good year.