Monday, June 05, 2006

Sven's Birthday Party

This weekend we had a birthday party for Sven who turns 68 on June 6. He is always amused at how guests think him to be much younger: people guess 45. I intended for the party to be a surprise, but my daughter Stephanie was unable to keep him away from home for long, due to the rain. It was not a beach-walking day! He seemed pleased by the celebration. Most of his American friends came.

If I have not been blogging much recently, it is because the season is getting under way and there is so much to do in the garden. Also, we have had non-stop guests, which means more laundry and other chores. After Portugal, Canada was front and center. Our charming Seagull Cottage guests arrived with a case of wine. I enjoyed speaking French with them. They were seeking peace, and found it.

Then this weekend, we received an American woman, about to marry a Swede. What fun for both her fiancé and Sven to speak Swedish together! Sven enjoyed showing them photos of our own wedding. As they were leaving, the young woman commented on how much she loved the Shikai shampoo, which she plans to use from now on. I am always delighted when guests come away with some useful green information, even if it is only changing to a product that is good for the environment ...