Saturday, June 24, 2006


Sven went off to Sweden for his annual family get-together this week. It is rather lonely without him, quiet. In Sweden, everyone is celebrating "midsommar" today. It is also the official start of tourist season for Cape Cod's bed & breakfasts. Thunderstorms are predicted all week. Now thunderstorms do not necessarily mean bad beach weather. Usually the rain comes late in the afternoon. It was sunny for most of the day. I bet the beaches were wonderful. I got to go for a walk last Monday, when my brother was visiting. There was no mung. The water was clear and beautiful. Children were frolicking on the beach. Up in the parking lot, I spotted lovers staring out to sea. The ocean really is mesmerizing. The first thing I would do were I a visitor is hurry up Long Pond Road to Ocean View Drive. We had three couples arrive today. None of them rushed out. I guess they liked what they found here at Chez Sven.

The last thing Sven did was complete the outdoor shower. He did a great job. I’m sure it is the fanciest one in town. I haven’t figured out how to turn off the water from the outside, but at least I have been able to get it to work. Our cottage guests seem very pleased with the idea of being able to shower en plein air.

We are full, totally booked all weekend. We even have a clever couple in the Studio, the best deal in town. The Chamber of Commerce monthly flyer announced some members were having trouble filling rooms this year. Not us! Check out this wonderful review on Best Green Hotels Web site.

An oriole built its nest in the maple next to Seagull Cottage. The bird streaks back and forth, feeding its young. Every time it reaches the nest, the babies start clamoring for food. It will be fun to watch them learn to fly. And, our wild turkey has all the neighbors talking. She struts her stuff every day now, on the edge of the garden, babies in tow. I took a photo of her through the screen in the dining room. How close she was!

Last July a journalist wondered off the street into Stone Lion Inn. They got the most amazing review. If that would only happen to us. I can see the headline now: EXOTIC WILDLIFE AT GREEN HOTEL...