Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Moby Dick's – A Whale of A Meal!

Whenever Sven and I are preparing for the season and get too exhausted to cook dinner, we go to Moby Dick’s on Route 6, one of the most popular eateries around. Sven goes wild over the fried calamari as a starter. I prefer the chowder, rich but surprisingly easy to digest.

Moby’s is quite a trip. The walls are decorated with marine one-of-a-kind signs and objects, studiously collected over the years by current owners Mignon and Todd Barry, as well as members of Todd’s family, who opened the restaurant in 1982.

The service is top-notch. While there is always a line in summer, it moves quickly. Competent young people from England, Ireland, Scotland, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, and the USA obviously know what they are about. The hostess takes your order with a smile. Another member of Moby’s private UN ushers you into the dining room. No sooner have you sat down than a third staffer appears with the seafood platter you have chosen. Rapid service is possible because the menu is very straightforward – corn or baked potato and cole slaw are typical sides – but the seafood is fresh and cooked to perfection. No wine or beer is served, although you can bring your own.

Moby Dick’s is the only restaurant around where you will actually see the owners working alongside the staff. Mignon and Todd Barry don aprons and serve, when needed. Todd always stops by tables to ask whether everything is okay. This desire to please is one of the reasons Moby’s was chosen as the Best Restaurant for Family Dining on the Cape last year. When the prices are right – and they are – what more could you ask?