Saturday, January 07, 2012

Why Nominate Chezsven: Wellfleet Today for the Bloggies

Do I hear sighs all round? Ah, Wellfleet! Ah, summer! Only five months and thirteen days to go ...Today, an unusual request. It's the weekend and you have some leisure time, right? How about doing something for your favorite blogger? Nominate me for an award, specifically the Bloggie Lifetime Achievement award, since I've been blogging for over six years. You can nominate your other favorite blogs, too. The process is simple. Go to the Bloggies Web site. Scroll down to Lifetime Achievement. Write in Chezsven: Wellfleet Today with the URL Nominate two other blogs, three total. (If you do not read any other blogs, let me know in the comments or email me at CHEZSVEN AT COMCAST DOT NET and I'll share a few suggestions.) Add your email address to receive a confirmation email. Click Submit. When you receive a response from the Bloggies, confirm your ballot by clicking on the link.

Here are ten good reasons to nominate Chezsven: Wellfleet Today for the Bloggies in the Lifetime Achievement category:

1.) You read this blog on a regular basis.
2.) You enjoy reading this blog on a regular basis.
3.) You absolutely love Wellfleet and it's a good way to stay in touch while you're away.
4.) Six years is a mighty long time to write a blog and that effort deserves some kind of recognition, even if only an award.
5.) You agree with Dale Donovan, who commented last summer, "Access to articles like this is one of many reasons that I read ChezSven Blog daily. The others: an elegant design, lively writing, timely information, excellent photographs, and admiration for the work that goes into it."
6.) You agree with Bruce Bierhans, who called it (me?) a "local treasure" last week.
7.) You learn interesting stuff on the environment.
8.) It makes you smile.
9.) A Bloggie for Lifetime Achievement would really help my writing "platform."
10.) Wellfleet is going to celebrate its 250th b-day next year. This award would also honor our beloved town, since its beauty is what inspires me to write every day.

Thank you!