Thursday, January 05, 2012

Another Letter to the Editor Published Today

The sun is setting on our window of opportunity to prevent the contamination of the Cape Cod sole source aquifer through the spraying of herbicides by the local utility company. If nothing is done, we will be at risk of losing potable water, as well as nuclear disaster. Not even spectacular beauty will bring tourists to our shores if radiation crosses the bay from Plymouth and toxic chemicals pollute well water. Read my latest letter to the editor, published by the Cape Cod Times and make sure you support political candidates who have your best interests in mind.

The editor entitled the letter Coakley, Wolf Exemplify Caring for the Environment:

"The Pilgrim nuclear power plant is back online several days after being shut down because of a faulty valve. After the nuclear accident in Japan, I started wishing Pilgrim would be shut for good. Last month Attorney General Coakley asked the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to take another look at similarities between Pilgrim and the Fukushima plant.

In a recent radio interview, Sen. Dan Wolf explained that Pilgrim is 40 years old, and giving it a 20-year permit renewal seems "insane." Like Ms. Coakley, Wolf worried openly about the spent storage rods.

When asked about the situation with herbicidal spraying by NStar, he expressed the hope for another moratorium and reminded listeners that there are safer methods of vegetation control available, that there's no need for toxic chemicals.

I'm grateful, as 2012 begins, to know Cape Cod has a senator who is on top of these things, and an attorney general who dares to speak up for the environment. How we treat our environment is important to the welfare of all Americans, yet many national leaders never even discuss it.

Let's drop the fluff and ask leaders the right questions this election cycle, especially when it comes to public safety."