Thursday, December 08, 2011

Preservation Hall To Hold Holiday Craft Fair

Walking down Main Street today, I noticed that the fellow outside the liquor store has again changed clothes to fit the holiday season. I did not prepare a post for today but wanted to send a reminder instead. This weekend Preservation Hall is holding its annual Deck-This-Hall Crafts Fair. Last year, the event was held in the basement. This year, the community center is finished and already has served as a venue for half a dozen weddings. There have also been farmers' markets, a wreath pageant, Zumba, parties, pot lucks, lectures, courses, dances, clothing swaps, and much more. I know a great many local artisans have signed up for a booth, so all that's needed are customers. On Saturday, think local Christmas shopping and head for Preservation Hall! And, on Friday, Kevin Rice presents Occupy Prez. Hall, an evening of comedy you will not want to miss. Read all about it on the Preservation Hall Web site.