Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Raves for Cape Cod

The Cape has come in at number 10 on TripAdvisor's recently released list of America's top vacation rental hot spots for 2011! The ranking is based on TripAdvisor search data and was selected by site editors. TripAdvisor wrote this about Cape Cod, when announcing the high ranking: "Bursting with old-fashioned New England charm, Cape Cod is a fantastic summer destination for the family, with outstanding beaches, historic lighthouses, miles of bike trails and plenty of options for shopping and dining."

Of course, we all know that, and we know Wellfleet is the nicest town on the whole Cape, albeit a bit too trendy for my taste. (If TripAdvisor is really so on top of things, don’t you think it should have picked up on Wellfleet's trendiness? Do you use/like TripAdvisor? If so, why?)