Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Better than the Cape Cod Times!"

Over the past two months several readers have asked me to report back on LeCount Hollow, where major erosion closed access to the beach in late December and a beach cottage actually lost its kitchen floor to a winter storm. So, last weekend, Sven and I checked out the situation. The house is gone, vanished, no doubt, condemned by town officials. The sign blocking the access road has been moved closer to the beach, but there's still obvious danger. Above, Sven ogles the chasm that opened up to the right of the parking lot.

I was having a so-so day, happy to spend the weekend on the Cape, but not extremely enthused to be doing taxes, one of the activities I dislike the most. Our beach escape allowed me to get some fresh air. As we were heading back to the Volvo, a couple approached with a black poodle on a leash.

"Love your blog!" the woman called out, with a warm smile. Beth Olson continued, "We live in Connecticut. I tell all my friends about your blog. It allows me to stay in touch with Wellfleet. It's better than the Cape Cod Times."

How incredible! I know it's silly, but I'm always surprised when my life intersects with the life of a blog reader. The odds of our being at the beach, at the same moment, were slim. It was impossible to get down on the beach for a walk, so Sven and I were heading back to our car when Beth and her husband arrived.

Her kind words made my day. Thank you, Beth!

If you write a blog, do you ever get recognized by blog readers? Does anyone out there enjoy doing taxes? (Speak up now. Any one?) Does probability fascinate you as much as it does me?