Sunday, March 30, 2008

How Does One Turn Off the Modern World?

Yesterday evening the lights were out for an hour. Even Google went dark in support of Earth Hour. I do not understand neighbors who light up their houses like Christmas trees whenever they come down for a weekend. Otherwise the woods along Old King’s Highway remain dark at night except at full moon. Moonlight can be breathtakingly beautiful, a joy the modern world does not enjoy once a month anymore. Light pollution is something we take for granted. Folks today also expect everyone to have a cell phone. Neither Sven nor I have bought into this convenience. We had a guest with radiation sickness call last year. He told me he must even avoid proximity to cell towers and spoke eloquently about brain tumors caused by cell phones. The phone companies are trying to convince the world to abandon land lines, with profit alone in mind. My belief that cell phone use is dangerous seems to be confirmed in this article from the UK. Here at Chez Sven, we have wireless, but I turn it off overnight, fearful it may be dangerous for health, too.