Thursday, January 03, 2008

Where the Candidates Stand on Global Warming

Wellfleet glistens under a coat of fresh ocean-effect snow as 2008 begins. Icicles hang from the roof. It is too cold for outdoor work, so the carpenters will not finish shingling until tomorrow. Today I received a greeting from Sheri Gibbs of White Pines Victorian Lodge in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin who mentions a Web site which I am delighted to pass on to blog readers: "This is a really neat site for keeping track of exactly what each candidate for president is doing or is promising with regard to a big list of environmental issues. The differences are amazing, so, if we're concerned about our air, water, and global warming, this is a great way to find out where it'll be best to place our votes in the primary, give us the best hopes for a pres. who might care about us canaries in the coal mines! I clicked on Chart the Candidates and it shows all of them in one nice page, each issue and how they stand on it in a column under each of their names -- couldn't be quicker or easier"