Monday, January 28, 2008


Wellfleet had a blizzard yesterday after a week of spectacular sunsets. The schools are closed today. When Sven drove down to the village last night, snowplows were out, with visibility close to zero. The wind was howling all night long. Our doors and screens turned white as Old Man Winter tossed gust after gust of diagonal snow at Chez Sven. This morning the newsman announced over a foot of fresh snow had fallen in Wellfleet, slightly less than in Plymouth, which got 14 inches. Over the weekend, Sven and I made the decision to move back into the main house the last week of February in order to accommodate a cottage guest the first week of March. Cozy Seagull Cottage is now available the weekends of March 14 & 15 and 28 & 29. Calling all takers!