Friday, January 25, 2008

A January Day in the Life?

I usually wrote a Day in the Life every month, but what with the renovation, innkeeping has not been my preoccupation the past few months. So, I have been writing a lot. I even took an online essay course. Every once and a while I go over to the main house to be sure the carpenters have not covered up a skylight and are leaving holes for plumbing in the right places. We now have a bathtub, which is exciting. Our renovation project can fortunately boast a charming plumber, great carpenters, and a diligent electrician. The foam folks will come February 5 or 6 after the wiring and plumbing inspections. The cabinetmaker is busy creating customs cabinets. It is fun to see the project slowly come together. Meanwhile, Sven and I accept reservations for spring and continue to take photos of Wellfleet in winter. I was happy to capture these black birds, below, who always seem to hang out down by the harbor, as if watching over the construction of the town's new marina.