Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sunset over the Herring River

Yesterday’s harsh winds are gone, but the chill remains, disconcerting because so early this year. Wellfleet, in winter, retains its charm, although the predominant colors shift from shingle-gray. The occasional pastel cottage or house – pink, yellow, blue – stands out against the white snow, still several inches thick. Down by the harbor, a few brave souls are out taking in the sunset. Sven insisted we drive all the way to the Herring River, where I took this photo. Meanwhile, town folk hurried in and out of the Marketplace. I bought Sven his daily quart of milk. The shopper behind me at the register echoed my call, “No plastic bag for me, either.” Now, if we could just get a town-wide ban going like in that village in England ….