Saturday, December 15, 2007

Street Fair at Wellfleet's Preservation Hall

Wellfleet was feeling the holiday spirit today, despite the bitter cold. From 1 to 4, Christmas treats were available for sale in front of our future Preservation Hall. I bought some wonderful postcards, depicting an angel from the famous doors, and a decal created by the town’s own Dale Donovan, Selectman extraordinare. There was hot cider for all, and cookies. The money raised goes towards a great project, dear to the hearts of Wellfleetians. Information on how to contribute can be found here. I have already written about Wellfleet’s Preservation Hall in an earlier blog. One of our regular summer guests is a fan of its doors, retouched and unveiled at a garden party on the grounds of the former Catholic Church last August. The doors hold special meaning because his father has taken a photo of this young man each year since 2003, standing beside them, a bit taller each summer. At town meeting last week, funds were appropriated for renovation of the building. More money would obviously be nice. Some of the articles on sale today included sweatshirts, caps, jewelry, and chocolates. There was an amazing gingerbread house as the first prize of a lottery. A very talented baker made the likeness of Preservation Hall. The result is so beautiful, I cannot imagine anyone actually cutting it up!