Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rain Comes & Benefits for Caleb

Much-needed rain finally arrived in Wellfleet. While clouds do not make the tourists happy, I must say gardeners rejoice, heads turned skyward to receive the sprinkles that also fell on wilted flowers and plants yesterday. My garden this year has faced not only a lack of rain but an abundance of bunnies, to the joy of one of our six-year-old guests. I bought a marvelous Limerock Coreopsis last week, which lasted only one night before the rabbits discovered its presence and bit off all the blossoms, to my great chagrin.

Other Wellfleet news: the Web site established for Caleb Potter provides regular updates on his condition and benefits now scheduled, which include an auction of prized plant specimens at The Farm in Orleans and a concert by the Rip It Ups at Mayo Beach July 26, here in Wellfleet, with oysters galore donated by Caleb's fellow shell fishermen. Raffle tickets, pirate flags and T-shirts will be on sale, and all funds will go to the Caleb Potter Benefit Fund. If you miss the Mayo Beach concert, on August 1 the band Squida will play at 5 pm at Wicked Oyster. Caleb Potter is one well-loved lad. The outpouring of energy and prayer is awesome. Someone expressed their hope for Caleb’s full recovery by decorating the Transfer Station fence.