Thursday, June 07, 2007

A June Day in the Life

A brisk cup of coffee helped me wake up this morning. My night had been disrupted by loud voices from the top of the hill. I looked at my watch: 2:35! First thing I did after breakfast was trot up to the police station to request a telephone number for reporting any more such incidents. The next time the strangers make noise, a cruiser will stop by to give a warning. After all, the woods are silent for the 300 some odd days when these young partying folks are away. Honeymooners were sleeping in Seagull Cottage last night, and two more sets of guests arrive this afternoon for the main house. The order of the day was making beds and cleaning. I also cut fresh flowers for the bedrooms and dining room table. Reservations have slowed down, but I did book the cottage for one of our cancellations. During the afternoon, I must bake granola and banana bread for breakfast, then receive our weekend guests. New amenities arrived from Trillium Organics. I also received a shipment of Peace Coffee. After the guests check in, I will spend some time opening the boxes and putting the contents away. Then, back to the garden to plant a few more zinnias and kale. It will be a busy day!

PS. In response to the comment from Hiro, the strangers are NOT Wellfleetians. If they lived here year-round, they would understand that sound carries a great distance and be more consideate of the neighbors. They have been quiet since this incident, but should they start merrymaking at 2 a.m. again, a police brigade will come by and issue a warning.