Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another Beautiful Weekend at Chez Sven!

For regular readers, know that the noise I reported the other day has not returned. Birdsong has become the soundtrack to our day. Sometimes I feel like we live in an aviary. We have chickadees, and cardinals, catbirds, and nut-hatches, even orioles and a wren, which Sven calls “the spiller” because of its tendency to spill the safflower seeds all over the cottage deck. Cottage guests love watching the birds. There is a great view of the feeder from the shower.

Sven and I took time to go to the beach today. Once again the weatherman got it wrong. The Outer Cape was sunny and pleasant this weekend and yet some people decided not to come down, based on the forecast for Boston, where it did, indeed, rain. Our guests found lots to do. They enjoyed theatre at WHAT – free tickets in fact – biking, picnicking on the beach, exploring art galleries and the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, taking in a movie, beachcombing, and, of course, eating lobster and other seafood at a couple of Wellfleet’s great restaurants. As for me, I spent most of the weekend in the garden. A gardener-friend came over to help spread the mulch. This year I tried something called “Agresoil,” based on a recommendation from the ladies at the garden center. My friend says Agresoil will make my flowers go bananas. Stay tuned!