Saturday, May 26, 2007

Traffic & Whydah Film Production

The Sagamore flyover seems to be helping the traffic situation in what was the first major test of the new faster-access lanes to Cape Cod. (The old rotary was removed over the winter. Local traffic now flows below the “flyover.”) The other news out here in Wellfleet this Memorial Day weekend is the filming of the live documentary about the Whydah pirate ship. A policewoman was guarding the access to the end of the Lecount Hollow parking lot. Behind a tall wire fence, beachgoers see strobe lights, satellite dishes, trailers, porta-potties and what looks like an outdoor wedding tent. The people inside the enclosure seem very busy as they rush about their jobs. Some pace while on cellphones. Others point here and there, obviously managerial types. Most of the crew seem to have taken refuge in the tent. The sinking of the Whydah has fascinated locals and visitors alike for years. There is even a museum on the pier in Provincetown. What with the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, no wonder the Brits are making a live documentary here in Wellfleet!