Monday, May 14, 2007

Lecount Hollow In the News

The April 2007 nor’easter damaged the coast, creating
an island off Chatham. The power of the waves is still evident at Lecount Hollow here in Wellfleet. The beach no longer slopes down to the sea from the parking lot. Instead, there is a trough along the edge of the dune, which fills up with water at high tide. Should this formation remain, children will have a fine time this summer with their own wading and swimming pool heated by the sun. Sven had told me about the formation but seeing is believing. The beach does look quite strange. We were out walking today, since my knee feels better. First off, beachgoers must cross over to this enormous sandbar. Then, as you walk and look back towards the parking lot, there is water where there used to be sand. The far side of the sandbar slopes steeply down to the water’s edge. Memorial Day weekend the end of the parking lot will be occupied by a TV/film crew from England who already obtained permission from the Selectmen to film a live documentary about the Whydah. The ship sank off Wellfleet in 1717 and has its own museum in Provincetown. The filming will take five days. The beach probably did not have the trough when the pirate ship went down, but who cares? In the photo to the right, early sunbathers enjoy Lecount Hollow's new look.